Magnet Marketing


Magnet Marketing

 Magnets are a fun product that not only serve a functional purpose, but also provide a creative way to market one’s business. Using magnets to advertise your business is an effective way to create interest and attract new customers. Magnets can be displayed on household appliances and on metal fixtures, such as filing cabinets and mailboxes…Due to their versatility and functionality, magnets can be a wise marketing tool.


Today’s consumers need marketing that grabs their attention. That’s functional and more convenient than going online and looking up a phone number. In an effort to help you meet the demands of current marketing trends and give you some ideas for traditional magnet marketing. Here are a few ways that you can use refrigerator magnets for advertising purposes.



  1. Make It Functional

Making sure that your magnet will be kept is to make it a useful tool that can do more than just hold paper. Turning your magnet into a calendar, coupon or a game schedule is a sure way to get noticed and remembered.


  1. Don’t Be Too Gimmicky

When you are creating your professional magnets, you’ll want to be sure to steer clear of language that is overly technical or business related, and that contains hokey advertising gimmicks or cliches. Smart customers catch on to this. Most of today’s consumers prefer a simple magnet that looks stylish and provides basic information about you, or your company and services that you offer. In short, keep it simple!


  1. Turn Your Magnet Into A Coupon

If you’ve been in business awhile, you probably know that one of the surefire ways to get your people to use your service is to offer discounted rates or special coupons. So, it’s smart thinking to turn your magnet into a coupon. Not only will it draw in customers, but you’ll also get the magnet back and will be able to redistribute it, providing you do not put any limitations or expiration dates on the offer.


  1. Use Magnets As Your Business Card

Unlike your competitor’s business card, your magnet will stay in view of your client and his or her whole network. Not only will it help guarantee future business and an on going relationship with that client but it can also help bring new clients to you. They too will be exposed to your message.


  1. Magnets As Promotional Gifts

Everyone loves a free gift especially one they can use. Magnets as promotional gifts are a perfect way to introduce yourself to new customers when starting a new business. They are very cost effective and make a great first impression!


Following these easy steps will lead you in the right direction in the world of magnet marketing.


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