Smart Advertising With Magnet Marketing

Smart Advertising With Magnet Marketing


Promotional Magnets of any kind, like magnetic business cards, postcard magnets, calendar and refrigerator magnets are a home run, because of their minimal cost and lasting usage for your target market.


These magnets are not only used as decorative items on the refrigerator, but also can be posted on any surface made from metal or steel. Like cars, filing cabinets, mailboxes, metal desks, vending machines, metal doors and many, more eye catching metal surfaces.


When using magnets to promote your business, be sure to put all the important details related to your company along with your business logo. For larger magnets, think about promotional offers. Creating an eye catching magnet, and putting it in the right hands, makes it possible for prospective clients to see your business information on a daily basis.


The period of time these magnets are used as advertisement is indefinite due to their lasting usage and durability. Most forms of advertisement is immediately tossed in the trash and never given a second glance. Using Magnets as a marketing tool assures that your company information will outlast any other form of paper advertising.


Great Marketing For Various Types Of Business’s


  • Real Estate

Business magnets are a great tool for anyone who sells real estate. If you just hand out your business card to homeowners, it will most likely end up in the trash. However, if you turn it into something decorative or useful, it is more likely to be stuck to the refrigerator and will remind people of your business. Then, should they need your services, you will almost certainly be the first person that comes to mind. Magnets with your business logo or some other unique design often get used, rather than just tossed out. The same is true for magnets with small calendars printed on them. People tend to put these where they can see them and refer to them from time to time. Which has the desired effect of keeping your name in front of them every time they check the calendar.


  • Pizza Restaurants

A pizza delivery restaurant can use magnetic business cards for maximum effect. What could be better than having your information on a refrigerator as a quick way to get food when you need it? The magnets can be mailed out to everyone in your delivery area, handed out at the restaurant, or given attached to your pizza box with every delivery. If there are office buildings in your delivery area, it is a good idea to make a supply of these available there too. Hungry workers can stick them on filing cabinets, and can now call to have lunch delivered. Instead of having to take time to search online for a local pizza delivery restaurant.


  • Auto Repair

If you have an auto shop, we can create business magnets, so the customer has your information on hand when needed. We can make the magnet fairly plain, with just your information. Or we can add some other useful information, to make it more likely that people will keep your business card magnet, in a place where they can easily see it. For example, maybe we can add a writable surface, so you can put the date of their next oil change or write a discount for their next visit. Paper coupons are most likely to be thrown away and are a waste of your adverting dollars. Magnet coupons will most definitely be used and will bring repeat business back to your shop.


  • Hair Salons

Full color beauty and spa magnets are an ideal way to “make your message stick”. Well suited to all types of salons, barber shops, gyms, tanning salons, spas, massage parlors, and any other beauty business. Business card magnets are a proven way to keep your message in front of your customers. Your clients will have your information right in front of them when they need to schedule that next beauty makeover appointment.


  • Medical Offices/Veterinary Clinics

Magnets are also a necessity for doctor’s offices and Pet Clinics, to pass out. You may think that a refrigerator magnet seems like a silly thing to be required, but honestly, they make one of the best promotional items for your patients. When you give them this item they may wonder why. But they will take it home and place it on their refrigerator. Then when a medical need arises, they won’t have to rummage through the phone book looking for help, They will simply go to the refrigerator and get your number.


Creativity Is The Key


With magnets, you can be as creative as you want! From a limitless choice of colors, designs and functions, the sky, truly is the limit. For example, clean/dirty dishwasher magnets, used to communicate whether the dishes are, clean or dirty, are an “outside the box” magnet that’s trendy with real estate agents and other professional service firms.


Magnets are light enough to be sent using regular postage. Turn regular invoices, statements, newsletters, brochures, holiday cards, and quotes into a useful promotional piece. Additionally, pieces accompanied with a magnet, are 60% more likely to be opened and read, than a mailer without a magnet. People are curious as to why the envelope is a little heavier than usual, and will most likely open it to see the contents.


Marketing your company doesn’t have to be expensive. Order your custom magnets with high-quality, low-cost magnet printing from Magnets can be an effective branding tool and are a great way to make a lasting impression. Let your message shine with brilliant four color printing from the commercial printing experts.

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