3 Ways to Use Postcard Advertising in Real Estate and Why They Work

3 Ways to Use Postcard Advertising in Real Estate and Why They Work

Postcards are a great way to advertise any business, but they can be especially useful for real estate agents. They are eye-catching, play on the emotional value of owning a home, and provide information more effectively than public advertising. Learn how to use postcards effectively with these 3 tips.

Postcards are a great way to market any business. I have used the real estate niche to exemplify these techniques because real estate is one of the best industries for postcard marketing. There are some great ways to market one’s self as a real estate agent and there are several reasons why postcard advertising has grown in popularity among real estate agents. Here are some of those reasons:

  1. The colorful, aesthetic advertisement catches the eye of the potential home buyers or sellers.
  2. Purchasing a home is an emotional event; postcards allow you to target that emotion in your marketing.
  3. Postcards, unlike online or public advertisements, are a physical item that provides your audience with access to read and reread, improving the retention of your information.

If you plan to use Postcard marketing to advertise your business, here are three things you should do.

1. Design it, and design it well!

  • Design it
  • Have it printed (buy prints in bulk to get more for your money)
  • Get it to your audience

The first thing you should do is design your postcard with your audience in mind. Do not skimp on quality; hire someone to do this for you if you cannot. Quality is perceivable by your audience on a conscious and subconscious level. People get a feel for you and your service through your artifacts (personal items that relay information about who you are). Once you have your design complete, you should find a reputable printing company to print the cards in bulk. Printing with a printing press assures quality that you cannot get at a copy store, and buying in bulk will actually cost less than printing copies on your own, and not to mention, it will save you hours of your precious time. Your postcard should represent you and your product or service, be sure to make it pop. Colorful and engaging images will catch the eye of your audience. In order to communicate your message, you need make your postcard interesting to your audience.

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